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Fall Booking FAQ 2022

When is the best time for fall color?

This can vary depending on the year. Generally the middle of October is prime time for colors.

What if its not very colorful for our session?

No worries. We can find an area that has the best color at that time and I can always edit photos with a warmer feel to add to the fall look.

What do we wear?!

Take a look at the examples below for some ideas. This what to wear post can guide you as well.

Can we include our dog(s)?

Always! Please do let me know when you book your session if you would like to include pets. We want to be sure the location is pet friendly.

Who can all be in my photos?

  • Regular sessions include immediate family. Mom, Dad and their children.

  • Extended family sessions include everyone. Grandparents, their kids, grandkids, the cousins, aunts, uncles, whomever it is you would like.

  • If you would like to add just one or two people to your session, say grandma and grandpa are in town and you'd like some with them and the kids- send over a message. I can add on a flat fee for something like that instead of booking and extended family session.

How do larger group sessions work?

Just the same as any other session! The hardest part is finding a date that works for everyone in the family! You can see pricing for large group sessions at the bottom of the family information page.

What days do you book/have open?

For fall 2022 I will be booking primarily Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you do need a weekday session just let me know and we can find a date that works.

What time of day is best for photos?

About 90 minutes before sunset is ideal so we catch that golden light. However, photos can be done any time of the day. Each location has an ideal time of day. Send me a message and we can chat about it!

Where are you taking fall photos?

Local parks. In both Sheboygan and Manitowoc I use local parks to take fall photos unless a client has a special request for a location.

Can we have photos taken at our home/land/specific location?

You certainly can. Ideally this would be done on a weekday so that I don't have sessions before or after causing a time constraint. Contacting me asap is best for securing a date if you would like a specific location.

What if the weather is crappy?

It happens. We will reschedule. There are no penalties or fees when this happens. We just find a new date and reschedule. Your deposit will transfer to the new date. PS Inclement weather refers to rain, snow(its possible in WI!), crazy wind or other severe weather. Overcast weather IS okay for photos. If you are set on sunny backlit photos and it happens to be gloomy the day of your session, let me know you want to reschedule. I want you to LOVE your photos!

How do I book a session?

You can contact me here, or on Facebook. We will discuss a date and time and once your $10 deposit is paid your session is reserved. The remainder is due the day of the session. The deposit goes towards your total.

As you can see from these photos below fall color varies in intensity. From mid September all the way through October I capture fall photos each year in varying locations. As a general rule of thumb; September will be a more yellow hue of color in those first stages and October will be a more orange color. As we get into the later days of October the leaves begin to really fall (earlier if we get heavy rains), even if there are only leaves on the ground, I promise we will get some great shots. ;)


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