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Choosing outfits for yourself and the rest of your family can get overwhelming but I want to make that process as easy as possible for you!

We want images that flow together for your session, and outfits are the key component to doing that.

Classic styles will help to create timeless images.

For your family session check out this Pinterest Board to start getting some inspiration.

When picking outfits keep in mind the type of backdrop that will be in your images. If you are on the beach you want to have a lighter feel with your outfits, a tall grassy green field, you want to avoid green.

Keep in mind classic looks that would go with any backdrop.

There are a few basic guidelines to follow.

1. No big distracting graphics/character shirts or heavy patterns, small brand logos are usually fine. Note that one person wearing a pattern, and everyone else wearing complimenting colors to that pattern works out well, but multiple people wearing patterns tends to clash.

2. No neon or exceptionally bright/flashy colors, they really just don't work well for photos. They tend to create color casts on the subjects of the photos.

3. Pay attention to shoes, you want them to match the outfits, or be neutral to match anything.

4. Layers and accessories are your friend, it makes it super easy to switch up the look of your photos by adding or taking away a sweater, statement necklace or jacket, even a hat, there are lots of simple swap options.

5. Make sure that outfits are complimenting to each other, not matching exactly, no one should be wearing the exact same color (no all white, or all black, etc.) Pick a color scheme, and then outfits for each person that goes with that scheme so that you have a variety.

So where do I find outfits?

There are plenty of places to find outfits! Starting local I see many good options at Kohls, Target, TJ Max, and other stores alike. I also suggest checking out H&M and Gap to get ideas.The best way to find the perfect outfits is to browse online, and see what you like first, then try to find items that matches that style. Make a board on Pinterest and then narrow it down to what you really really like.

Also, check on what you already have! You might find that you have the perfect outfits already at home!

If you are looking for infromation on how to prepare your children for your session, see this post.

If at any time you feel lost or have questions please ask me! I want to make your photo session as easy as possible for you and I am always willing to help you with outfits when needed! Many clients will send me photos of what they are thinking and I will gladly help you out!

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