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There are so many great backdrop options outdoors throughout the year. These are examples of some that I have I have used in the past and enjoy using currently. If you have a specific location or idea that you would like to use let me know! I am happy to work with new and unique locations. Click on a photo to enlarge it.





Your own yard

The beach




The best locations can depend on the time of the year as well.

Spring: Usually dull colors and rainy weather, picking somewhere with evergreens or fields is usually a decent choice. Murals and urban areas can provide great color and texture. Lifestyle or studio sessions also work well during spring.

Summer: Colors, flowers, warm weather and sun! The possibilities are endless in summer! Almost anywhere can make a great location!

Winter: If you are ready to brave the cold, winter can be a great time to get some outdoor shots. Otherwise lifestyle and studio options provide warmth year round.

Fall: Beautiful fall colors fill the backdrops of most fall sessions. Locations with lots of trees work excellent. In later fall when the leaves are on the ground and trees are bare, fields with tall grasses are a perfect alternative!

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