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Senior Sessions | What to Wear | Manitowoc Senior Photographer

We don't want this to be overwhelming for you, you only do senior photos once, so lets make it go as smooth as possible and without stress!

1. Start early and keep in touch! Start deciding on what you want to wear and what locations you have in mind as soon as your session is booked. We will want to go over your ideas well before the session date or when you contact me to book to make sure we can accommodate for them. If you have questions you can always feel free to ask. By doing this you wont feel rushed to pick things out.

2. Avoid neons, and bold patterns. Think of what the outfits you choose will look like in front of the backdrops at your shooting locations.

*Neon colors never photograph well, no matter where your photos are being taken.

*For those that would like to do hunting style photos, stick to the camo rather than the orange.

*Highly patterned clothing can also be difficult to blend with backgrounds. A little pattern is always welcome, but we don't want it to seem overwhelming.

The best colors are natural and neutral to match your settings. Think blues, greys, browns, and creams/white. Please never hesitate to send me ideas to get my opinion, I am happy to help out!

Every session is different, these are just general guidelines, so please don't feel obligated to have to skip an outfit you like just because of these recommendations, just let me know your plan and we will figure out the best backdrops or locations.

3. Wear your glasses/contacts. You will want to wear whatever you wear the most to feel the most comfortable. If you always wear glasses, wear them for your session. If you have transition lenses, you will want to either wear a different pair of glasses, or take out the lenses before your session. Transitions are difficult to photograph and drastically take away from the image. If you always wear contacts, then that is the way to go.

4. Plan your props. If you are planning on doing sports photos, dance photos, instruments or anything of the sort you will want to be sure that you have things ready that you will want to bring along and gather ideas of how you would like it incorporated. For example, if you would like sports photos, would you like them done at a field/court specifically?

5. Be confident! This is the best thing you can do for yourself, we are going to go with the flow and capture some great images.

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