Preparing For Your Cake Smash Session

Cake smash sessions are so awesome! I really really really do love them! There are some things that you should know about your cake smash session and how this works with your one year old.

Why book a cake smash session?

Your baby is going to be ONE! That is a HUGE milestone! Many clients will book newborn, 3, 6, and 9 month milestone sessions, and that 12 month session is the last big milestone until the age of two! Why not celebrate and let them smash cake? Its fun, its exciting, they love it, and the images are just adorable. You won't regret it! You can also do things like spaghetti, or donuts, anything that gets messy!

Where do you get the cake?

There are many places that you can purchase your cake. Keep in mind that it's going to get destroyed and smashed, so I don't recommend getting an expensive cake, keep it cheap. Here are a few good options;

Any commercial store with a bakery has small cakes. If you aren't looking for something custom there are plenty of options. They can also generally make a custom cake for a very affordable price as well. A 6" to 8" cake is more than enough for your little one.

Making it yourself is a good option as well, a nice white cake, some colored frosting, add some polka-dots, it doesn't need to be fancy.

Any bakery in town can make a smash cake customized as well with the colors and inside color and flavor that you would like, its just a simple smaller sized cake for your little one.

What kind of cake should I get?

You will want to get a vanilla cake, no chocolate. Inside dyes and frosting colors are entirely up to you. I do not recommend black, dark green or red frosting at all, it tends to not photograph that well. Light and pale colors are best for frosting like white, pink, light blue, light purple, etc.

Do get a small cake. just one layer is fine and it doesn't need to be large. A simple 6-8 inch cake works perfectly as a smash cake.

Please also stay away from fondant. I know it looks cute and is totally customizable, but its hard for your little one to dig into their cake with that hard layer on it. Besides, its going to get smashed anyway. Stick with frosting. ;)

What if my baby is allergic?

If your baby is allergic to anything, I recommend making your own cake so that you know that it doesn't have any allergens in it for your baby. Or you could go with another option of messy food, I am happy to come up with ideas if you want to contact me!

Ideas for other foods can be spaghetti, tacos, anything that can make a mess.

What backdrops do you use/have?

For cake smashes it gets messy, most backdrops can be used for these sessions, as well as plain paper drops. For ideas on backdrops click here.

If there is a specific theme or certain colors you are going for, let me know asap! We can plan things ahead of time to go along with your theme.

What should my baby wear?

For one year sessions some clients will bring just one outfit, others will use two. Whatever is used for the cake smash is going to get cake on it. That's a fact.

If you are doing the session before their birthday party takes place and there is an outfit that you would like them to wear in the photo session that they are also wearing at the party, it might be best to do some non-cake photos before we let them get messy so that the outfit can stay clean.

Often times we just use a diaper cover, some parents bring tutus for girls, suspenders for boys, party hats, etc. The focus is on them getting that frosting everywhere.

Can we use balloons?!

I try to not use balloons in photos for the most part. If they have any sort of reflection to them it causes an issue and children are often distracted by them.

If you do want to incorporate balloons, I ask that you bring non-shiny, non-metallic, regular latex balloons with or without helium is fine. This will result in the best outcome for your images.

What do I need to bring?

Do not dress nice if you are not going to be in photos before we do the cake smash. You will get frosting on you, and it may or may not stain clothing depending on the frosting.

Baby wipes! Lots and lots and lots of baby wipes! This is how we clean up. Believe me, we have tried the bath, frosting just gets slimy when mixed with water, baby wipes work far better!

Bring along puffs, or cheerios, or something small that can be placed in the cake if your child doesn't show much interest in it so that they start to play with the cake.

Cake smash sessions are messy and exciting, be ready for frosting to get on just about anything that is on you!

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