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Choosing your child's outfit | Let's make this easy!

What are they supposed to wear!? Help me!

I can help you! I promise!

Natural colors, colors that work well together. Varying colors. Layers of clothing so that we can switch it up easily. Cute little shoes, converse always welcome!

We want images that flow together for your session, and outfits are key!

You'll notice that I love neutral natural tones and fibers. These allow classic images to be focused on your child, rather than their clothes.

Now of course, those examples are what I personally prefer, you may have an entirely different style, and that is 100% okay! There are a few basic guidelines to follow.

1. No big distracting graphics. Small brand logos are usually fine.

2. No neon colors, they really just don't work well for photos.

3. Pay attention to shoes, you want them to match the outfits, or be neutral to match anything.

For boys; jeans work 98% of the time for boys. Jeans, and a simple shirt, with bare feet. For infants just jeans sometimes keeps the simplicity in images. Sometimes we can add in a hat, or suspenders, maybe a bow tie. Think of what you would dress them in for a family gathering, and go from there.

For girls; most parents go right to dresses for girls, and that's entirely fine! Think about adding a jacket, leggings, boots, headband? Another option is lace rompers for infants.

So where do I find outfits?

There are plenty of places to find outfits! Starting local I see many good options at Kohls, Target, TJ Max, and other stores alike. I also suggest checking out H&M and Gap for children. The best way to find the perfect outfits is to browse online, and see what you like first, then try to find something that matches that style. Make a board on Pinterest and then narrow it down to what you really really like. If you plan to order online, sites like Patpat also offer some great options. If you would like something custom, Etsy is a great place to start.

Also, check on what you already have! You might find that you have the perfect outfit already at home!

P.S. I have tons of options as well from infants to about 2T in size! My studio wardrobe continues to grow!

I'll be the first to admit, I love vintage children's clothes, little sweaters and lace rompers, and I assure you I have plenty of them that are available for sessions. I also have a large variety of headbands.

If at any time you feel lost or have questions please ask me! I want to make your photo session as easy as possible for you and I am always willing to help you with outfits when needed!

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