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Siblings for Life | Celebrating 2 and 4!

We celebrated them turning 2 and 4 yesterday, where on earth did this time go? When Vincent was born I was barely into photography, just starting out realizing that I loved taking photos, 4 years later, I run a full time business capturing smiles. It was about when Raelyn Leigh was born that I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, I didn't want a "regular" job, running a business was just what I liked to do.

So here we are, Vincent has his little sister, and Raelyn Leigh her big brother. Her birthday is today, its been two years since that little chunky baby arrived into the world. Vincent has just one more day until he is officially 4, he is going to go to preschool, that's crazy to think about. Time goes by far too fast, I can't imagine not capturing these faces throughout the years. <3

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