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You might be ready to rock it or you might be extra nervous, but I assure you we are going to create images that you love! I am here every step of the way to guide you and answer any questions that you have.

1. Book a date if you haven't yet! You can use the contact page to get in touch and we can discuss your session. If you already have a date set up, make sure to get it on your calendar!

2. Choose your location. There are two options for locations. We can use the studio space (more on that below), or we can use your own home or bedroom. Both options work well however lifestyle photos can offer more freedom. Especially if you have a lot of natural light. I can also bring along lighting if needed, no worries!

3. Studio The studio is located in my home and conveniently in the basement, which means no big windows to make you feel uncomfortable. I have a separate prop room that I also use as a changing room when needed. I schedule these sessions while I am the only one home so that there isn't anyone running around upstairs- I know that would make me feel a bit uneasy. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

4. What to wear. That is the question, the question that I get asked every time. The good news is that its entirely up to you and the even better news is that I have TONS of recommendations and guidance for you. A few main tips;

  1. Be confident! No matter your shape or size, throw away the insecurities and rock this! I promise that I will NEVER judge someone on their body, ever. We are going to make you feel beautiful! Choose something that YOU are comfortable in, not something that you saw on someone else and liked. The key to loving your photos is being comfortable in what you are in.

  2. There really isn't a need to go out and purchase anything super expensive. I know first hand from photographing boudoir that usually those lacey complicated outfits are the ones that are least liked in the finished photos. A good supportive bra and some cute underwear is all you really need. Making sure that any bra/top you choose holds in the girls, makes photos much easier than constantly adjusting. ;) Some may feel more comfortable in a baby doll style type top to cover the stomach area and that's entirely okay! A halter or bralette is also a good option. We can add in other things along the way.

  3. Accessories can make or break photos. Using a statement necklace, a significant others shirt, or baseball cap, sports attire or gear, high heels, a silky robe, the possibilities are endless. We can talk about exactly what you want to incorporate and have a plan before you arrive. A few links to help you out: This is a great infographic of everything: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/490962796859489722/ I post ideas to this board in general: https://www.pinterest.com/meyer62211/boudoir-posing/ Note that even on my idea board, the outfits are fairly simple. These are all ideas that I know I can do a version of in studio.

  4. Makeup and hair! I always tell clients to go with a more natural look, your significant other likely would say the same. Keep it similar to what you would do for date night. P.S. If you have long hair, leave it down!

5. Mindset. While you're looking up ideas you might be setting yourself up to be nervous, and that is not what we want! Keep in mind that what you see on the internet is often altered and edited. I choose not to edit bodies, I do some touchups and what not, but my ultimate goal is to use posing to get images that you love. I WILL show you the photos on my camera and WANT you to tell me if you DONT like something, and what you DO like. It helps tremendously when guiding you with posing when I know these things. Information to send over to me for us to plan! What do you plan on wearing? Do you need assistance deciding? Would you like one or two outfits?

Do you plan on bringing any accessories to include?

What are some hobbies that your significant other likes that we might be able to include? Are there areas of your body that you would like to avoid being photographed? Are there areas that you or your significant other like that you would like to focus images on?

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