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Fall One Year Session | Manitowoc Children's Photographer

Sometimes cake smashes don't go exactly as we plan. Its really up to the one year old if they like the cake or not. This little guy decided that was going to be a hard no from him. He didn't mind playing with a pinecone with it but anything else was a no go. We certainly thought he would like the bath with water to splash in- that was also a no. Poor guy! He just wanted to play with the pumpkins and hang out! I have had kiddos go both ways for cake smashes, they love it or they hate it. We can always have a backup plan in case they decide its not their thing. ;)

Whether it be your family photos or capturing your little ones first moments and milestones, I want to create images for you that you will want to keep on your walls forever. Photography is about memories, moments in time to cherish forever.


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