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Maternity Sessions | What to Wear | How to Prepare

Congratulations! Expecting a little one is so very exciting! There are a few ways that you can prepare for your session.

1. Gather ideas, find out what you like and don't like for maternity images. Its good to send over some ideas so that we can plan your session accordingly for outfits, locations and styles. Looking up ideas also gives you a starting point for finding your outfit(s).

2. If you have stretch marks, or don't like the way your belly looks at this time, but still want bare belly images, those blemishes can be edited, never hesitate to ask! You absolutely do not have to do bare belly photos, there are tons of clothing options out there.

3. Feel free to bring items along to incorporate such as ultrasound photos and baby shoes. Some mothers like using floral maternity bands that we use both during maternity photos and can then be incorporated into newborn photos as well.

4. Most importantly, relax. There is not a thing to be worried about for your session, we will talk before and during your session to capture the best images for you.

The biggest challenge that you face is choosing what you are going to wear, but that doesn't need to be a difficult choice!

Tips for what to wear;

1. Wear a dress or top that shows off that bump! We want you to be comfortable but also be able to show off your baby bump at the same time. A tight fitting maternity top and a pair of jeans or a maxi dress are both simple but very good options.There are also many options for maternity gowns online if you prefer to go that route.

2. Wear something that you love. You will know when you find that perfect top or dress. The more you love your outfit, the more comfortable you will feel.

3. Keep in mind undergarments using nude colors if you are wearing a light clothing item, and if your items are form fitting be sure to check if undergarments are showing lines at all. If you are wanting maternity boudoir photos, send over a message!