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Preparing for your family session is a lot more simple than you might be thinking, just a few steps and we are going to make this nice and easy for mom, dad and the kids!

1. Book a date if you haven't yet! You can use the contact page to get in touch and we can discuss your session. If you already have a date set up, make sure to get it on your calendar!

2. Look up ideas for locations and outfits.

Locations vary depending on the time of the year, if there is a certain location that you have in mind please make sure to let me know when you are booking your session! This will allow me to make sure that the date and time we choose allows me to get to the location on time for your session and we can plan the correct time of day for the lighting at that given location.

If you would like a studio session, no worries on locations!

For outfits there are a lot of ideas that you can work with. Check out this what to wear post for family sessions. Make sure that anything that is ordered online will be here in time to try on before your session date.

3. Prepare the kids! See this post about how we can make your session go smoothly with the kids, getting them prepared for their photos and the session. Remember, that kids are exactly that, kids. Things aren't always going to go according to plan and that is 100% okay!

4. Haircuts. This might seem like an odd one, but make sure that anyone who needs their hair cut (or dyed) has appointments set up before your session date. That way you aren't rushing the day before hand if they do need them.

5. Relax! We are going to go with the flow and capture some great memories. <3 I am here for you from the start to help with ideas, locations, outfits and anything else you might need for your session.

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