How to Prepare Your Child for A Photo Session | Lets make it stress free!

What if they don't cooperate?!

How can we prepare your child for their photo session?

No matter what type of session, it could be just of your child, family, maternity, I want to assure you that no matter what we are going to get some great images of your little one!

A photo session can sometimes seem stressful for the parent; are they going to smile? What if they start crying or get grumpy? What can I do so that things go smoothly?! I'm here for you! Sometimes kids are super excited about photos, and sometimes it's just not their favorite. Sometimes they're just having a bad day, I'm happy to take the time needed to work with them. Take a look at the tips below, but also know that you can always ask me anything that is on your mind about your little ones session.

So what can we do before hand and during your photo session?

Parents: It's nothing to stress over! First things first, as the parent, your little one is going to pick up on that stress. If we let things flow, stay positive and just work with what we are given, I can guarantee that it will go much smoother and you will feel much happier with the entire process even if they prove to be a challenge. After years of photographing babies and toddlers, nothing is crazy to me. ;)

1. Avoid nap times and normal eating times. We want to select the best time when they are going to be at their happiest during the day, without being tired or hungry. And being hungry goes for the parents as well! ;) When we discuss the best booking times, keep in mind when your child is happiest, and lets try to get as close to that time as we can. You can also always bring along snacks! For babies who aren't bribed by snacks yet, don't be afraid if you need to feed them during their session.

2. Make sure that they are comfortable in their outfit. One of the best ways to make sure they are happiest and ready to give those great smiles, is by making sure they are comfortable, starting with their outfit. If they don't like collars, or hate shoes, or don't like being in a warm outfit, let's work around those things and choose something that they are both going to be comfortable in, but also look super adorable in for their photos. If you have questions about what to wear for any session type, you can check out those posts here.

3. Know the best way to make them laugh. We want to avoid telling your child to 'say cheese', as this tends to get exactly that result, a cheesy smile. The easiest way to get a genuine smile is to get them to laugh, however that may be; noises, faces, or toys. If there is anything in particular please be sure to let me know so that we can be sure to get the best happiest faces we can!

4. Prepare them. Talk to them. Of course this only applies to little ones who are at an age that they understand you. For infants we can use the above tips to prepare, and for older toddlers and children we can also talk to them. Get them excited about photos, tell them how its going to be fun and they'll get to see them when they are done! Getting them excited a few days before hand can make all the difference in cooperation among little ones!

5. Bribe them, but save it until the end. Bribing is always a sure fire way to get your little one to cooperate, however, lets see if they work with us before we bribe them or it could go south quick! Before you tell them that they can get a new toy, or ice cream, or whatever it might be that will lure them into cooperating, lets try a few other things first. Otherwise that bribe will be the only thing on their mind!

You can always use the contact page to ask questions about your session, booking, your children, I am happy to put your mind at ease by answering all of those questions!

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