Mama Love Sessions | Capture those memories!

Inspired by a wonderful photographer by the name of Reina Procee, Mama Love Sessions are meant to capture you and your little ones in a natural state, un-posed, playing, laughing, being you. Its is so so SO, very important that you capture these moments with yourself and your little ones. You are never going to have these moments back. Before you know it those little's are going to be headed off to school, driving a car, leaving for college, capture these memories now. Don't wait.

This session was back lit to be bright and airy, but you can also do lifestyle sessions in your home, a simple session in studio using the bed setup, near a window, outdoors in nature, anywhere that you feel the most comfortable being you.

I offer these Mama Love Sessions year round, I've always called them 'mommy and me', but this particular style, organic and free, is different, and needed a more calling name, Reina nailed it on the head with Mama Love. That's exactly what these sessions are about. Just a mom and her love for her little's.

To book your session, use the contact tab above and send me a message, I would love to hear from you and I am happy to answer any questions that you have about booking with Mariah Meyer Photography.

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