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I never once imagined that photography was going to be my career, life takes funny turns like that sometimes to keep you on your feet. I started taking a photos in 2012. Looking back now, as any photographer will tell you about their start, I didn't know what I was doing at that time when it came to business. But I quickly learned, teaching myself new techniques, paying for online workshops from well known photographers in the industry, and practicing, a lot.

It was 4 years in June of this year that I have been photographing families. In those four short years I went from just doing outdoor photos, to creating a small studio space, using what I had available to create and capture.

The time has come to expand.

And I am.

I was given an amazing opportunity to move my studio into a larger area. The opportunity to expand, to grow as a business. To create even bigger and better. That time has finally come.

If you would have asked me a few months ago I would have said that of course I will eventually move into a bigger area, but nothing was in the works.

I can now announce, that I have officially moved into a larger space, and I can not wait to capture your beautiful babies, families and loved ones!

Along with this expansion, I am also now offering a new session option. You can now book the regular sessions that I have always offered, but you can also book a gallery session and choose your own images!

You can find more information on Gallery Sessions by clicking here.

Since I will have more space, I can finally display everything that I really have from outfits and headbands to wraps and larger props, the possibilities are endless!

Outfits can be provided for most infants and children up to size 12 months. I am moving towards more organic based sessions for little ones to express a more natural style.

Sessions will no longer go by daylight, expanding the hours that I can do studio sessions into the early evening if need be.

I cant thank you all enough. Past, current and future clients. Family. Friends.

Without all of you and you support, where would I be?

I am running a special on Gallery Sessions if you book for a session before November 15th! Book yours now to save and check out the new studio!

Contact me for details!

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