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Mama's Milk Sessions

Can I just say how much I LOVE these sessions!? Capturing these moments can't wait. When your little one decides they want to wean, or when you wean them, you are going to feel like you just want those moments when you got to hold them to last forever.

Guess what?

We can make those moments last forever!

Mamas Milk Mini Sessions are available for all clients, and I am happy to announce that they are now available any time of the year for both outdoor and indoor locations including the studio or your home. (Although outdoors in winter might get a bit chilly! Let's keep them indoors during the winter months!)

These photos are meant to capture those moments that you spend with your child, when they rely on you to be their source of food for just a little while longer. Don't wait until it's too late, they won't be little forever!

We can pick private locations if you prefer it, or we can head to your favorite outdoor location. I am happy to talk about this with you before you book your session. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Sessions can be done at any age, although around 4-6 months is the typical age these sessions are completed.

Breastfeeding sessions are meant to celebrate and capture those moments and joy of time with your children and your accomplishments from your breastfeeding journey.

Sessions may take place in studio, outdoors, or at your home.

FAQs about Breastfeeding sessions:

Are multiple children welcome? If you are breastfeeding two children at once, or would like siblings to be present in images, both are welcomed. Just be sure to inform me when you book so that we can plan accordingly.

Is the location private? The studio and sessions in your home are always private, outdoor locations vary. I do try to choose locations that are out of sight of others to make the session more comfortable for mom and baby. If you would like your session to take place somewhere specific please let me know!

Can dad be there? Absolutely! Significant others are always welcome for sessions.

I don't want these posted online, is that okay? You bet! Images are not posted online unless agreed upon by the client. You can also receive a password protected gallery free of charge, just be sure to let me know you would like this before your session takes place.

Remember and capture these precious moments before its too late! They are only little once and this is something to celebrate!

Whether it be your family photos or capturing your little ones first moments and milestones, I want to create images for you that you will want to keep on your walls forever. Photography is about memories, moments in time to cherish forever. Click the contact tab above, let's chat!

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