Newborn Sessions | What to Wear | How can you prepare?

If you are reading this, it means that you have recently had a little one, or will soon be delivering your little one. Either way, congratulations on your bundle of joy!

Newborn sessions can be especially stressful to parents, during pregnancy and even after, emotions are running strong and your body is on high alert. But we are going to make your newborn session as smooth as we can to remove that stress and capture beautiful images!

Your Session Booking

If your baby decides that he or she wants to arrive earlier or later than you had planned, that's okay! We can move around your session date and time if we need to in this case. I always remind clients to book BEFORE the baby arrives so that we have enough time for planning the session. But if that just isn't the case, no worries, we will make it work.

We do however want to make sure that you are having them photographed before 2 weeks of age so that they are still fairly sleepy. I have done sessions after this age mark, but prefer to keep it in that two week window.

The Day of Your Session

The day of your session, no matter what time, indoor or outdoor, lifestyle or studio, you will want to be prepared.

Feed your newborn as best as you can before the session so that they arrive sleeping and ready to be posed and photographed. If they wake up, need to be changed, or fed, during the session, don't worry, we have plenty of time for this.

Bring along everything that you will need for you, your family, and your baby. This includes things like blankets, stuffed animals, pacifiers if you use them, formula and bottles if you are not breastfeeding, snacks for older siblings, a drink for yourself or family (newborn sessions can take a while sometimes!), and anything else that anyone might need during this time.

Please remember to stay calm for your newborn session. It can be frustrating, but know that your baby can sense if you are anxious. Its best to just stay calm and go with the flow. Is okay if baby is fussy, if they cry, or seem to just want to eat the entire time, we will work with them.

The Way That I Shoot

My style is very organic. If your baby doesn't like being on their belly, I wont do photos on their belly. I won't pose an infant in dangerous pose. Even if a parent asks me to, if its dangerous I won't do it.(Which is why I ask you to let me know ahead of time what you are thinking for your images so that we plan accordingly for safety.)

I will let them get comfortable how they want to. If they like being swaddled and fuss when they aren't, I'll use swaddles and wraps. If your baby fusses a lot and we just cant get them to settle down for some photos, but they like being held, I will have mom and dad in photos, be prepared for that! We can get images without parents faces in, but still holding baby to capture those moments if we need to.

I let the baby lead the session and work with them. It allows for the session to flow and be stress free as well as baby to be happy.

Newborn session What to Wear: Baby

Newborn sessions are surprisingly one of the easiest to plan outfits for. For baby most of the time you don't need to bring anything unless there are special items like a blanket or heirloom that you would like incorporated. Most outfits for newborns simply don't fit nicely or work with posing. Babies wear wraps, we can swaddle them, and use accessories such as bonnets, hats, headbands blankets, furs, etc. I have plenty of these items in studio as well as some neutral outfits/rompers that work well.


For mom, dad and siblings, I recommend neutral clothing. We can talk about what kind of backdrop that you would like, and go from there. (Think greys, blues, creams)

Before your session we will talk about colors that you prefer so that I can have backdrops, props and wraps ready to go as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit out flaky skin? Yes.

Can I edit the color of jaundice or red/purple tones in skin? Yes.

Can family members be in the photos with the newborn? Immediate family yes. Please inquire if you would like to include any extended family.

What if my baby is crying while we are trying to take photos? We will work with your infant to the best of our abilities. It's rare that we cant get any images, but if it were to be the case that they simply aren't cooperating, we can try another date. Patience is key, it can often times take 30 minutes just to calm baby down for photos if they are fussy. We won't give up too easily!

What if the morning of my session someone is sick or we have an emergency? Things happen. Let me know and we will work things out for another date.

Lets make this session wonderful and stress free!

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