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Boudoir | Embrace Your Body!

When you think of a photography session you likely go directly into “parent” mode and think of ways to match your kids with your husband without looking too matchy. Stopping time for just a second to remember moments that are incredibly fleeting is wonderful. Unfortunately boudoir sessions are often overlooked by women. Women tend to focus on everyone else around them and forget that it is good to take a few moments to think about yourself as well! There are tons of reasons to schedule a professional boudoir session. Boudoir sessions can be an incredibly fun way to make a one of a kind gift for your significant other but they are also a great way to take time to celebrate YOU!

Don’t Worry, They Can Be Tasteful!

Be careful with Google, it can on occasion be a little bit misleading. Boudoir sessions can be a tasteful way to not only look beautiful for some great photos but they can also be a wonderful way to feel beautiful just for yourself. I work really hard to make sure that boudoir sessions are tasteful above all else. I want you to have fun and feel beautiful in your own skin while creating lasting memories for yourself or your significant other! It’s important to remember that you don’t have to have these taken for someone else. Boudoir photos can be a great gift for yourself; to remind yourself just how amazing and beautiful you are!

No Anxiety Necessary

You don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious or overwhelmed. Sure, it can be a little bit awkward at first but a boudoir session is all about making you feel comfortable and beautiful. These photos can be done so many ways! There are an incredible number of poses and set ups that are perfect for accentuating your best features and drawing focus away from areas that you don’t absolutely love on your body. There is nothing to be ashamed of and no body that doesn’t deserve to be photographed. It can be easy to fall into a cycle of self-criticism when it comes to our bodies, when they’re mostly naked that’s a whole lot easier. Remember that no matter what your body looks like YOU are an amazing person who is beautiful and deserves to have some amazing photos focusing on that beauty!

Simplicity is Key

Fear not! Boudoir sessions do not require a fancy outfit and lots of new lingerie! You can have a fantastic session with just a black bra and underwear! The focus does not have to be on a bunch of accessories or a corset and heels. Of course if you want to add in accessories and a new outfit there are many ways to incorporate those things but you shouldn’t let a lack of them stop you from booking a session! The simplest of poses and outfits can truly make for some outstanding photos and I encourage you to consider booking a boudoir session for a gift or for fun!

Of course if you find yourself with questions or concerns holding you back feel free to reach out! It is a delicate topic, our bodies, and I look forward to the chance to show you just how wonderful your boudoir session can be and how beautiful you are!

(Please note, some of the images below may be cropped for a clients privacy, your boudoir session will NOT be posted online without full consent from you and will be uploaded to a personal online password protected gallery.)