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An Open Letter to Mothers Who Forgot to Book A Newborn Session...

Dear new moms,

I understand.

I entirely 100% get it. You.Are.Exhausted.

Having a newborn, bringing life into this world, it's not an easy task. You're tired, but you love every moment with your baby, you wouldnt trade the long nights and exhaustion for the world.

It's a week after you brought your new bundle of joy into the world, someone posts a photo of their newborn from their own newborn session, and you realize something.

You never set up a session for your own newborn. Now what? Are you going to miss out on those photos?

You are NOT going to miss out on those photos, those precious moments with your little ones toes curled, and itty bitty smiles. No, you're not.

I won't let that happen to you. You can NOT miss those moments. They are so very important to remember.

Contact me, right now! I will MAKE it work! I WILL fit you in for newborn photos! Even if your child is over the age of two weeks, even if I have to come to your house, in the middle of a weekday, I promise you, we can make this work. If there is any one session that you should never miss out on, its a newborn session. They change too fast not to capture their features this young.

If you find yourself in this situation, never hesitate to contact me. Ever. I will make it work.


A photographer who cares and wants to make sure you never ever miss out on any of these moments with your little one.


If you are reading this and dont have children, or if you are currenty pregnant, are a spouse, have a pregnant friend or relative, pass this information on to them;

1) The best thing to do is contact me well in advance, at least 2 months before your due date. Yes I book out for newborn sessions, yes you can book that early and YES sessions can be moved around if your new addition decides to make their appearence before or after your said due date. We make it work, I am very flexible with newborn scheduling.

2) Share this information with pregnant friends or relatives! Make sure that they know they can book early, set this session up, these moments are important not to miss out on! Tag them below by commenting.

3) Contact me with ANY questions! I am more than willing to answer questions and help you in determining when to book your session.


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