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Why You Should Book a Maternity Session

Lots of people rush out to get photos taken of their newborn, continuing with 3, 6, 9 month, one year and every year after that having more photos taken of their precious offspring. Maternity photos are the true starting point of the journey we work so hard to catalog for our children. During pregnancy most women feel uncomfortable and unhappy with their appearance at some point or another and likely this is the reason many decide against maternity photo sessions. I’m here to try and convince you of the value of a maternity session. Hopefully these points will help you see why you should book a maternity session and the importance of documenting these memories.

Start at the Beginning

Pregnancy is the very beginning of a lifelong journey of growth, development, happiness and dreams. Until your baby is born everything and nothing is possible all at once; the entire experience is an exercise in stressful patience. A maternity shoot can document a time in your life that both flies by and feels like an eternity. Before you know it you are planning a fifth birthday and sending them off to school. When you look back over the years and their growth, start at the very beginning of the story with maternity photos.

Pregnancy is Beautiful

How many times have you heard this very phrase uttered among mothers, fathers, and strangers alike? It is not just a coincidence or a platitude meant to comfort the sensitive feelings of pregnant women. No doubt there are days when everyone feels like they do not look their best, this is probably an easy doubt to fall victim to when you are carrying around an extra person INSIDE OF YOU! The important thing to remember in these moments of doubt is that pregnancy is a single moment on a long and eventful timeline, when your babies have grown up too quickly, right before your eyes, you will long for those first moments you shared. Those first moments of movement that only the two of you experienced will be fleeting and perhaps lost without a maternity session. Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to capture the beauty of your pregnancy!


All We Do, We Do for Our Children

Your maternity photos will not just bring joy to you; they will also bring joy to your children. They will likely ask questions as they grow and being able to pull out your maternity photos and say “this was you and me” is a great way to show them and remind them how connected you are! Another thing to consider is that times are changing. The fact of the matter is that you might not be interested in maternity photos now but down the line you and your family may wish that you had taken the time to have that session. It has been my experience that you’ll never be sorry for the photos you DID take but you may regret missing the chance for ones you did NOT.

Change Can Be a Good Thing

Change can be scary and unnerving especially when it concerns our bodies. In the case of pregnancy change is a great thing! Everyday new changes in your body can tell a story of a growing life; each little change on the outside translates to an amazing development within. Documenting these changes with a maternity session can give you a tangible reminder of these beautiful moments and can help remind you of the impact of small changes.

There will always be reasons to do (or not to do) something. Luckily this decision is an easy one; taking an hour now to meet with me for a maternity shoot can provide you with beautiful memories for the rest of you and your child’s life.

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