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Why You Should Book A Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions can be a great opportunity to catch candid and organic moments between you and your family. Typically we think of getting family photos taken in a posed studio or outdoor setting. These are great to look at on the mantle or in your photo albums and it’s a great way to reminisce on the smiling faces of your little ones when they’re not so little anymore. But Lifestyle sessions offer help in capturing all the little moments in between those images.

Having everyone together in a relaxed and casual setting is a wonderful environment for capturing true smiles! When you are in your home, you feel comfortable and confident, those images are more genuine than any other. Your family will want to remember you growing and laughing with them over the years. One of the best reasons to book a lifestyle session; to capture those organic moments that include the whole family, in a simple and uninterrupted environment.

Another fantastic reason to consider lifestyle photos is the lack of pressure. With a these images there are no pressures to get everyone in just the right pose, no worrying about getting and keeping everyone in a good mood. No one will get grumpy after the first twenty minutes and start doing their “forced” smile. There is no pressure to prep everyone and get them ready. I come to you to capture those perfect family moments; you don’t even have to worry about getting everyone loaded up in the car to leave the house!

Most of all a lifestyle session is just that: it’s about your lifestyle. When you want to look back on great family memories you get to see those photos, in your own home, with your whole family, doing things that you love. It’s YOU, all of you. There’s no sterile white backdrop, foreign park setting, or outdated matching white shirts and jeans (yep, you weren’t the only ones), you get to keep a precious moment precious forever.

As a lifestyle photographer I will do my absolute best to capture those candid heartfelt moments at home. I am there to capture those priceless family interactions, those little things that you do without thinking about it. Let’s put YOU back into your family memories.

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