Four Years of Family!

Would you believe that I have been photographing this family for four years?! They were one of the first families that I photographed when I started just over four years ago, and each year since then I have captured their smiles.

Last but not least, a side by side comparison. The left image was taken back in 2012, when I first began photography, I had a business that was just starting out, and this little guy was just learning how to walk. He is now an ambitious almost four year old filled with energy, and this time around, plenty of smiles!

Not only do I love to see how families grow from year to year, but I also enjoy seeing how my style as a photographer changes. When starting a business you learn as you go, it takes time and no one is perfect from the start. But that is no reason to not take pride in your work and never stop growing and moving forward. I love my job, and have some awesome clients!

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