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So many of you ask me about myself, how did I get started? What did I go to school for? Is this my only job? How old am I? Do I have kids? Am I married?

This post is here to answer all of your questions!

How I Started:

I didn’t start taking photos until right after I graduated high school, back in 2012. I have never let my age hold me back from my passion for a dream.

When I first started I had a point and shoot camera, this was by no means a business at that point, I simply enjoyed photographing people.

By August of 2012 I was being asked how much I charged. I had people wanting to book sessions with me on a regular basis. I couldn’t believe it, but this was actually becoming something.

I acquired the proper licensing for a business, and began booking clients on a regular basis, while working at a local hardware shop, and attending college at the same time. In January of 2013, I stopped working while attending college and I continued to grow the business into what it is today.

Fast forward to right now, I do what I love full time!

We have two pups that we absolutely love (we need to get some new photos!), as well as a hedgehog and a baby boy on the way in March 2019!

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