Photo Instructions

1.Pick your child's outfit. Please avoid heavy patterns and avoid tulle/tutus for girls.

2. Make sure that your lens on your phone is clean.

3. Find an area that is evenly lit. No shadows, sun spots, etc. We like to call it 'open shade' where it's a shaded area, but not too dark. For example, the middle of the woods would be too dark but under a tree in your front yard would be perfect. Make sure that you are facing your child AWAY from the sun to avoid squinting. The lighter the background the better. Against a garage door, fence, or house works well typically.

So- open shade, away from the sun, plain background.

4. If you can't use the outdoors use a well lit room with natural light on a plain wall, again the lighter color the better. If you need to you can tack a sheet up against the wall, or drape it partially on the floor for sitting images.

5. Use the regular setting on your camera app. If you have options, use the mode that will get the clearest sharpest photo.


DO NOT ZOOM IN! This will reduce the quality of your photo, if you need to be closer, physically move closer to your child.

Do NOT use flash!

6. Take the photo straight on, don't take it at an angle, get to your child's level so that the photo is straight on.

7. Take a few photos, it doesn't need to be perfect, but a blurry photo will not work. 

8. Send your photos over to me via email or Facebook, send as many as you need to or that you think will work, I would rather have more options than not enough!

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